Land Laws - We Must Know


We all are aware that the transaction of property is a complicated process that requires a comprehensive knowledge of property related laws and regulations.

If you are planning to buying land in any part of India , then you have to aware of land laws in India .The Indian central government has adopted the details of the Indian construction ,which says that there are many rules and regulation. When it comes to land, there are many related issue like transfer of ownership, right over these land, improvement and protection of land and much more.


Land is very scarce. If you look around you will find that three fourths of the face of earth is water while one fourth is land. Now even if you dig further you will find that a large percentage of that land is agricultural land.


India is indeed an over populated country. Infect it is increasing with passing of every hour. Thus, there arose the requirement of more and more land. Land conversion thus became a necessity in a country like India.


As real estate developers and builders are hunting for raw land across the country for their upcoming construction projects, even several foreign companies hunting for lands, a specialized set of land is under the process of acquisition and development.


However, if you look around you will find that whenever there has been a land acquisition in any part of the country it has created a stir. Be it Singur or Nandi gram in west Bengal or Raigad in Maharashtra, even recently land was the centre stage of trouble in Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Ratnagiri in the state of Maharashtra.


Real property is not just the ownership of property and building , but owner of immovable property that are entirely conceptual, therefore you have to be aware of the legal aspects related to that land , so that you do not fall into any trouble.


If you are going to start acquisition of land of any project, then without confirmation e.g. ownership, litigation, land law, zone, Development rules, reservation etc should not start purchasing of land.


Scores of instance of Companies or High Net-worth Individuals/Builder and Developers are being duped due to lack of knowledge of Land's law. Like some have purchased lands for Industrial Projects and later found out it falls into some other zone because of which they could not execute their plans. Many others have got entangled in either red tape or obstacles from locals ending up in legal hassles.


Reference Book, you can use -

1. The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966.

2. Transfer of Property Act.

3. Land Law of Maharashtra.

4. Agriculture Land Rules and regulations.

5. The Bombay Tenancy and agriculture Lands Act, 1948.

 Sanjay Sarraf

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Land Laws - We Must Know

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